These are pedals that I have built for sale. Look at my shop to see if I have got any for sale.

Octave Fuzz

This fuzz is based on the Foxx Tone Machine, but I have added input and output buffers to make it play better with other pedals anywhere in the pedal chain. The controls are  (left to right) Sustain (“fuzz”, from very little to sometimes oscillating mayhem), Tone and Volume). NOS Russian germanium diodes are used for … Continue reading Octave Fuzz

Parametric Equalizer/Booster

This is a parametric equalizer that also can serve as a very versatile boost pedal.It has two frequency bands you can choose between: low (about 40-400 Hz) and high (about 300-3000 Hz). The boost/cut is +/- 15 dB. A JFET output gain stage adds an extra 26 dB boost. Works with 9-18V DC. You might … Continue reading Parametric Equalizer/Booster

1458 Classic Distortion

This is an old-school, classic, opamp-based overdrive/distortion. It is perhaps closer to the Proco RAT, than to for example the MXR Distortion +. It goes from mild (kind of) overdrive to saturated fuzzy distortion. It’s built around the 1458 dual opamp (hence the name), which basically is two LM741. After being clipped in the opamp … Continue reading 1458 Classic Distortion

Frequency Control Fuzz

This is a buzzy, gated fuzz with a very pronounced mid scoop. The circuit is inspired by the Shin–ei Companion FY-2. It has an extra output gain stage, so it can be very loud. And the best thing is that you can change the mid frequency from around 100 Hz to a bit above 1 kHz. … Continue reading Frequency Control Fuzz

One knob fuzz

This is a silicon fuzz. The only control is an output volume control. Adjust the amount of fuzz with the guitar volume. It doesn’t clean up much when you turn down the guitar volume. Like most fuzz pedals, it has a low input impedance and will sound very different if put behind a buffered pedal. … Continue reading One knob fuzz