I make handmade effects pedals, built one at a time in Stockholm, Sweden.

The pedals are built with vero/strip boards and through hole components. Old school style. No premade PCBs from the Internet. I breadboard and tweak the circuits, custom make the boards, drill the enclosures, and assemble the pedals.

I use high quality parts from reliable sources. 1% 1/4 watt metal film resistors, poly film caps, electrolytic caps from Nichicon, Vishay, etc., Alpha pots, Switchcraft and Lumberg jacks.

I want happy customers! I usually say that, if there is an issue due to faulty parts or other internal problems, then I’ll fix it for free (this does not include shipping costs, the buyer needs to pay for the shipping back to me). Or I can send you the parts and you or a friend can fix it yourself.

If an issue is caused by accident, misuse, abuse etc., then I can still try to fix it but the buyer needs to pay for the parts and shipping.

If there is a problem with any of my pedals, get in touch and I do my best to solve it.